Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An interesting e-mail from Moborobo Inc

I got an e-mail from Moborobo Inc who apparently run an alternate app store in countries such as Iran, Indonesia and Malaysia where Google Play is still not that wide spread and known.

What they wanted for me was my permission for them to list my apps on their store. First of all the fact that they sent me something is kinda weird. Means my apps are getting some traction. And secondly, my apps are free and if I were in their shoes I would have never asked to share free apps.

All in all this is good. Of course I am all for them listing some or all of my apps. This leads to more impressions and potentially more revenue for me. WIN WIN situation in my book.

So I must say THANK YOU to MoboRobo for their interest in me and my apps.

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