Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Progress and Crashes

The developer console just got updated and I must say I am simply delighted. I've gained a lot of new active installs. Most came from Damn Lines! . So that is encouraging news.

Whats a bit disappointing is that the geographic install base is heavily centered around Russia (51% of all active installs). While that's great, I want my game to be equally popular in the USA and UK, as well as other English speaking countries. Yet I have been unable to get any real traction. Perhaps this is due to heavier competition in those markets.
Another sad note is I've received my first crash log for Damn Lines. This is disappointing, since I don't want my users to ever face crashes. Some searching around revealed that GLES 2.0 of AndEngine sometimes crashes with the errors I got. More searching revealed that it is possibly a problem with the game engine itself.
I've tried implementing a fix for it that I found on the AndEngine forums, but I can't say if it works or not, since even without it, the game ran flawlessly on my hardware.

I will be pushing this small update soon, once I update some textures and some niggling bugs that have come to light. So this is the second update I have planned this week.

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