Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Weekly Report: Week 44 of 2012

What happened this week:
Not a whole lot actually..
  • Updated Damn Lines! to version 1.0.2
  • Damn Lines 1.0.2 got false positive on Avast so I had to update to 1.0.3
  • Got several reviews from and
The biggest issue this week for me was the false positive from avast which got me some bad rankings. Another thing I want to mention is that Damn Lines reached 29th spot on top free arcade games in Russia.

User statistics
Click Wars - 290(+27) active installs
Color Converter - 772(+20) active installs
Damn Lines - 3801(+3245) active installs

  • This is simply amazing! Can't say anything!
Damn Lines Pro - 6(+5) sales
  • Got a couple more people to buy the game.
Expensive Smoking - 160(+5) active installs
Life Calculator - 5692(+37) active installs
Starcraft 2 WOL Guide - 2126(+25) active installs
Tip Calculator - 102(-1) active installs

Revenue generated this week: 5.76 USD
Revenue got a nice bump this week driven by strong performance from Damn Lines. Very nice!

AdMob stats
Impressions: 28,309(+14913) with eCPM of $0.20(+0.07)
CTR: 1.12(+0.4)%

This has been a very good week for Damn Lines. Getting loads of installs, mostly from Russia, got me to where I am now. Hopefully this trend will continue!

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