Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Weekly Report: Week 46 of 2012

What happened this week:
Several things. For one, completely unrelated, Black Ops 2 came out, and I've been devoting some of my time to that. I've been also working on updating Damn Lines! Also this is the last week that the app was featured in Top New Free apps so revenue should drop drastically over the next couple of weeks.

User statistics
Click Wars - 303(+13) active installs
Color Converter - 787(+15) active installs
Damn Lines - 8855(+5054) active installs
  • WOW! This is amazing. So many people got my game. Speechless..
Damn Lines Pro - 9(+3) sales
  • Got a couple more people to buy the game.
Expensive Smoking - 169(+5) active installs
Life Calculator - 5820(+128) active installs

  • Life Calculator has been getting a lot of hits this week. I think it's partly due to the popularity of Damn Lines!
Starcraft 2 WOL Guide - 2133(-9) active installs
Tip Calculator - 104(-1) active installs

Revenue generated this week: 24.27 USD
Best week ever for me again. Too bad it will be the last one with those numbers for some time.

AdMob stats
Impressions: 94444(+42655) with eCPM of $0.26(+0.04)
CTR: 1.47(+0.05)%

This has been yet another amazing week for Damn Lines! It's the last one where I will get those lines and so far it has been my most popular application. On a side note I'd like to point out that paid reviews on different sites haven't had any effect on installs. Wasted money..

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