Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why shortcuts are not always shortcuts...

When you write an application you tend to write code that's good for the task you are trying to solve. Doing so you don't really focus on the future. And how that code will interact with future updates. What's worse is when you know your code is crap but since it gets he job done it gets left .When coding Damn lines I was so eager to get the game out to the Google Play store that I took some shortcuts when coding. These shortcuts have come back and are starting to cause a major headache. I am currently working on updating the game with some cool features, but since I took these shortcuts I am paying dearly with time. A good example of a shortcut would be that I just copy pasted classes for each game mode. Now instead of updating a single piece if code I have to update 6 pieces. 3 for damn lines and 3 for the pro version. Now this sucks, so what I will be doing is getting rid of all the shortcuts and doing everything proper. Now this obviously sucks for the people who got the game and are not seeing updates, but this is a good lesson for me to write proper code that's easy to update before releasing something.

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