Monday, March 18, 2013

The Weekly Report: Week 11 of 2013

What happened this week:
Am a day late with the report due to various reasons. Most apparent reason being lazyness. In any case I've started slowly working on a new game. Hope to sort out the graphics department this week or the next. Also I've been playing some HOTS. But have no real desire to create a guide for hots just yet.

User statistics
Black Ops 2 Guide - 22944 active installs
Click Wars - 487 active installs
Color Converter - 1488 active installs
Damn Lines - 7825 active installs
Damn Lines Pro - 13 sales
Expensive Smoking - 272 active installs
Life Calculator - 6148 active installs
Starcraft 2 WOL Guide - 2676 active installs
Tip Calculator - 124 active installs

Revenue generated this week: 39.30 USD
Revenues are still high for me. Average income per day has also increased. No real explanation for this though

AdMob stats
Impressions: 317506 with eCPM of $0.13
CTR: 0.46%
Impressions are up again. CTR has jumped up a bit which is always welcome. Thanks everyone for clicking!

Well I've started working on a new game for android. It will be a simple game with modern clean graphics. Hope some of you will enjoy it!

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