Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Making a dollar with Android

Part of being a developer is trying to get something back for the time you spend. In an ideal world I would remove the ads in my applications, because they do ruin the experience of the user.

In the last couple of apps I tried to tone down the use of ads. In Tangled for example ads are shown only in the pause menu and at the game over screen.

In Simply Sudoku i tried a similar approach. Althpugh both applications use the same way of showing ads the results are different.

Tangled games are rather quick and the user sees the ad every time the game ends. This leads to a good number of requests per user. In Simply Sudoku the games last much much longer. And the ads dont get shown once the user actually completes the puzzle. And rarely do users go into menus.

To combat this I plan to bring a couple of changes to Simply Sudoku. I will try and show the ad in the difficulty choser. It won't harm the user experience from playing the game. Further I will see about adding ads to the main menu - as the user will be there most often. Either when starting a new game or resuming an old one.

This should lead to a better overall request rate for me and shouldn't hrt the users much.

And finally, the last option would be enabling the user to buy the removal of ads. Which seems to work well on Android. Now I just have to implement it!

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