Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New game! Wormsy!

So I've been actually rather busy the last couple of months. I've had a project in the works since like the beginning of the year. It got delayed and delayed due to various reasons, but finally I've got a game ready.

Sure there are some rough spots here and there that I am aware of, but I am confident that the current stage of development is good enough for version 1.0

So here it is:

Wormsy is an addictive puzzle game inspired by Choo Choo Puzzles. Wormsy features over 70 levels that will have your brain working overtime! Tired of feeding candy and cutting ropes? Give Wormsy a whirl!

Wormsy is great for all ages. Main features of the game:

  •  Help colorful worms escape from their maze!
  •  3 Level packs with unique elements in each to keep the gameplay fresh and puzzling
  •  Great, clean and colorful interface
  •  Ability to customize the interface to your liking
  •  Google Game Services integration for achievements and leaderboards
  •  Great sound and music

If you want to exercise your brain and have fun doing it, give Wormsy a try. It has plenty of unique and different levels to keep you busy for hours and additional levels coming in regular intervals.

Some screenshots:

There are plenty of levels to choose from, plenty of colorful themes to get and loads of fun to be had


  1. Wormsy is tough (and that's good!) I would let players be able to use their "in-game coins" to buy hints or clues. I'm stuck at level 1-17 right now ;-)

  2. I was thinking something along those lines! Will try to push an update soon with new levels and maybe something like a hint feature