Friday, November 9, 2012

The Weekly Report: Week 45 of 2012

What happened this week:
A bunch of things. First I started coding like mad to bring a new update to Damn Lines! This will be the first big update and will feature several new features and possibly a new game mode. But apart from that, here's a list:
  • The two side projects I was working on are now done, so I have more time to focus on my applications
  • Color Converter got a small update in version 1.2.2
  • Got Damn Lines! reviewed on BAM. The review was very positive. And I am sure the new update will make everyone more positive
  • Damn Lines is in the top 20 of top new free arcade games in Russia and top 500 in Brazil.
So that's this week. Wonder what the next will bring. I am not sure an update will come next week or the week after that, but I am working on it as hard as I can. Just today I've done code to get the game running full screen, which is really important for the Pro version!

User statistics
Click Wars - 303(+13) active installs
Color Converter - 787(+15) active installs
Damn Lines - 8855(+5054) active installs
  • WOW! This is amazing. So many people got my game. Speechless..
Damn Lines Pro - 9(+3) sales
  • Got a couple more people to buy the game.
Expensive Smoking - 164(+4) active installs
Life Calculator - 5820(+128) active installs

  • Life Calculator has been getting a lot of hits this week. I think it's partly due to the popularity of Damn Lines!
Starcraft 2 WOL Guide - 2142(+16) active installs
Tip Calculator - 105(+3) active installs

Revenue generated this week: 10.77 USD
Best week ever for me. Most of this is due to great install numbers I am getting with Damn Lines!

AdMob stats
Impressions: 48,964(+20655) with eCPM of $0.22(+0.02)
CTR: 1.42(+0.3)%

This has been yet another amazing week for Damn Lines! I've never thought that something like this would have happened. It's simply amazing and I must say a big THANK YOU for the people who have downloaded my game. 

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