Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Setting deadlines

This is something I've learned is a slippery slope. Deadlines are good on one hand - they motivate you to get things done. On the other hand, setting very aggressive deadlines will simply lead to you cutting corners in order to get things done.

With the very first application I did, I set myself deadlines. I said - I have to get the app out before the new year. Did I meet the deadline? Not really. I published it on the 8th of March. 3 months after where I wanted it to. But like everything in life, setting good deadlines needs practice. For my new, yet unannounced application, I've set a goal of publishing it before the new year. Recently I've said here that I will publish it this week. Will I? At this very moment it looks like I will. But version 1.0 of the app will miss a key feature. Is it cutting corners? Maybe. But in reality I've thought of this feature too late and guess it would be better to see how the people respond to my app first, before pouring a lot more effort into development.

In any case I will leak some screenshots of the app in the next few days. Last week I was hoping to get it out by now, but reality looks like more end of the week...

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