Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Weekly Report: Week 1 of 2013

What happened this week:
Earlier in the week I released the long promised update to Black Ops 2 Guide. It featured the Create-A-Class option with a detailed summary of the class and hardpoint locations on maps and their spawn order. The update could have arrived earlier but at the last moment I decided to enhance it a bit and provide some more functionality to create a class. I hope everyone enjoys the 2 additions.

User statistics
Black Ops 2 Guide - 2904 active installs
  • People have been linkig the app. A lot of users left positive feedback which is great. 

Click Wars - 328 active installs
Color Converter - 907 active installs
Damn Lines - 10017 active installs
  • At this rate this will be the last day when I have more than 10k active installs. I've lost over 2k since the app dropped out from the top new category. I plan to make an update to the game sometime soon, but don't know yet when.
Damn Lines Pro - 12 sales
  • No one bought it this week. 
Expensive Smoking - 173 active installs
Life Calculator - 6769 active installs
Starcraft 2 WOL Guide - 2108 active installs

  • Starcraft app is among the first on the list to get an update. Probably one of the last as I will soon switch focus towards Heart of the Swarm
Tip Calculator - 105 active installs

Revenue generated this week: 21.65 USD
This was my best week in terms of income. The holidays made people use their Androids more, so i got a lot more clicks and stuff. Good stuff.

AdMob stats
Impressions: 90854 with eCPM of $0.24
CTR: 0.61%
I've had good results and am very happy with what admob gave in terms of revenue.

This week was positive. First there was the New Year, then I released an update which I am actually quite fond of. As for what's next - I have to update a couple of the older apps, but I will be taking a short break from coding to enjoy life. 

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