Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's next?

I've all the milestones I wanted in all of the apps I have currently in the Google Play store. After releasing an update last week I decided to take some time off to recharge a bit and pick out a project that I'll work on next. During the week I've had some time to think about where to go next and have had a few good ideas for apps and games. But basically the plan looks the following at this moment:

  • Create an update for Black Ops 2 Guide with the option of creating more than 1 class and saving classes.
  • Release an update for StarCraft 2 WOL Guide. There needs to be some issues addressed as well as some information in the build orders should change to follow the metagame.
  • Prepare for the release of HOTS. I currently have a HOTS beta key and will start making a new app for that game.
  • Damn Lines will need to get another update. This update was planned sometime in November but certain issues have delayed work on that particular app.
  • New application. I haven't decided which one yet, but I have a few ideas written down.
 As for the time frame: I will need a couple of weeks to sort out Black Ops 2. Before that time a small fix for Starcraft 2 WOL guide will come out fixing a description field with the PDD. After Black Ops 2 is out I will need a couple of weeks to sort through the build orders. After that I will focus on the new stuff for HOTS, like getting all the assets. I am hoping for the release to come at the same time as HOTS is out for everyone (12th march).

Everything else - will have to wait unfortunately. I really do need a clone or two..

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