Friday, February 7, 2014

I've removed all my guides

Following the DCMA requests to Google as it turns out a lot of guides for Ghosts were removed. To be on the safe side, until I figure out a way out, I have removed all of the other guides (as all of them are a potential threat).

I've written to Activision and Google. And hope to get an answer from at least someone. As for the outcome, I highly doubt it will be a positive one.

This will hit my users, as Google Play was a good way to distribute these apps. And will hit me, as I was earning a bit of money from the guides.

I still believe that I comply with the fair use policy of copyright information. But Activision thinks otherwise. I cannot fight the large corporation. So I am at their mercy.

The guides were removed so that I wont get my developer account suspended. I will focus on promoting my own games and their respective IP's.

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