Monday, February 3, 2014

Simply Sudoku version 2!

Good news everyone, I've made a new version of Simply Sudoku!

Actually I am very proud of what I've done. Perhaps this isnt a real 2.0 release, but the amount of work underthehood that went into it deserves a 2. 
This is also my first foray into the realm of in-app products. It features several in app purchases. Including new level packs with puzzles and the option to remove ads within the game. 

As for the way things look and play, well there isn't a lot thats really changed. It's still Sudoku and it's still as fluid and good looking as ever.


One other cool aspect of the app is the new Tablet layout that I've designed.

As you see Tablet mode is in landscape orientation. And the app uses automatic detection of the screen size to lauch the relevant activity.
A user setting can also override this and lauch the opposite of whats been chosen automatically.

As always, get it from Google Play!

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