Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Weekly Report: Week 2 of 2013

What happened this week:
Most of this week went into giving my eyes and fingers a bit of a rest. On Wednesday I started working on an update for Black Ops 2 Guide. It took a lot less time and energy than I initially expected. So I managed to get it out today. Seems to work fine on my side and if you have issues - mail me.

User statistics
Black Ops 2 Guide - 4766 active installs
  • A lot of installs. Numbers have picked up slightly this week and my app went slightly higher in search results. Great stuff

Click Wars - 351 active installs
Color Converter - 974 active installs
Damn Lines - 9693 active installs
Damn Lines Pro - 12 sales
Expensive Smoking - 216 active installs
Life Calculator - 6778 active installs

  • I released a small update that addressed an error i had for a long time. Was a simple fix. As for new features - not sure yet what stuff I want to add. Mail me with ideas!
Starcraft 2 WOL Guide - 2147 active installs
Tip Calculator - 107 active installs

Revenue generated this week: 27.41 USD
This was my best week again in terms of income. Revenue was mostly generated by the Black Ops 2 Guide app. Damn Lines continued to help keep revenues high.

AdMob stats
Impressions: 141454 with eCPM of $0.20
CTR: 0.70%
Record number of impressions per week for me!

This week was very positive. I had plenty of rest and recharged my batteries. Released two updates and made a bit of money. Good stuff all round!

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