Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Weekly Report: Week 3 of 2013

What happened this week:
I've been coding some stuff that I am not ready to share. Mostly its a new project as well as some tests I am doing to get a better understanding of AndEngine. Also I've changed some AdMob settings so my impression numbers may be a bit off.

User statistics
Black Ops 2 Guide - 6554 active installs
  • Continued growth. Good stuff. 

Click Wars - 372 active installs
Color Converter - 1036 active installs
Damn Lines - 9456 active installs
Damn Lines Pro - 12 sales
Expensive Smoking - 225 active installs
Life Calculator - 6663 active installs
Starcraft 2 WOL Guide - 2163 active installs
Tip Calculator - 110 active installs

Revenue generated this week: 28.83 USD
This was again my best week again in terms of income. I am really happy with the numbers,

AdMob stats
Impressions: 153050 with eCPM of $0.19
CTR: 0.59%
eCPM and CTR have dropped off for some reason. This resulted in the last couple of days having a slightly lower daily income.

This has been another good week. I might get 2 months back to back payments if this trend continues until the end of January. If not - I am not too worried. Since I got an idea for a project I will be focusing on that. And by doing the new project my aim will be to learn new techniques for android and andengine, so that I can become a better coder.

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